Aluminium Formwork System

Self Climbing Scaffolding System
Aluminum formwork system, also known as aluminum alloy formwork system, is made of aluminum alloy construction formwork to solve the shortcomings of the past, the traditional formwork, greatly improving the construction efficiency. Aluminum formwork system’s design, research and development and construction applications, make the construction industry a major development.



Aluminum formwork system mainly consists of formwork system, support system, fastening system, accessory system, and can be widely used in various fields of reinforced concrete building structures.

Aluminum formwork has the characteristics of environmental friendly, saving wood, good construction quality fast construction speed, high construction efficiency, being safe and clean at site, and good construction image. Technology and low carbon features are quite obvious. Market prospects for aluminum formwork are extremely broad. It will necessarily become the development trend in formwork industry.

After more than ten years of development and improvement, aluminum formwork system technology has been quite mature, and application becomes broader. Dozens of countries around the world like South Korea, Japan, America, Dubai, Mexico, Malaysia and Singapore have generally used it in construction. In recently years, China gradually began to use aluminum formwork technology, and the construction effect has been fully recognized by customers. More and more clients begin to use it. They especially are inclined to use aluminum formwork in high-rise buildings and high-grade buildings, which has achieved considerable economic and social benefits.



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